Aspective Love by Jonathan Bagley

People come in your life for a reason.. one way or another you learn from them… from some people u learn good things related to life, to your life.. and from others you learn good and great things..  I am happy and greatedfull for all i learn from him and still learning.. thank you J.B.

How to do it. How to love. The aspects. The physical, mental, spiritual, and social. Get out of the natural sense of being selfish as a human. Givers and takers. To give. To love. Its easy to love someone physically. Sex, kissing, hugging, massaging, etc. Usually love is looked at by and focused on physical attraction. How to love mentally. Loving mentally, being considerate, thinking about it. Understanding and being aware when it deals with loving. To not be considerate is to ignore and revert back to the selfish nature of being human. Loving socially, being able to get along with another or more. Learning to love and speak it from the mouth. Loving spiritually, is from the heart. Having that energy, that special love energy. Energy, its there. Having that burning desire. A strong spirit.

How not to do it. Abuse of the physical kind. Domestic violence. Mental kind, is the selfish tendencies and not being considerate. Social kind, not listening and/or using abusive language. Spiritual kind, the form of hateful energy. The hateful energy is one of silence, confusion, hostility, aloof, alienation, opposites of unity.

Love of the physical. Placing energy only on this is usually done by the much younger or less mature minded, whom can be any age. When the sex of the physical love is over, so is the love of the relationship. Putting all the eggs in one basket of the aspects is a recipe for disaster.

Love of the mental. Thinking about the wellness of the relationship. Being aware and active of everything that is happening. Being consistent with action. The ABCs of the mind. Whatever the mind concieves, believes, it achieves. This is coupled with the spiritual aspect and usually communicated through the physical and social aspect.

Love of the social. Being able to communicate. Being able to share and being open.

Love of the spiritual. This aspect is the drive. The heart and soul energy. Should be a warm feeling and have the qualities of love. The origin of love is at the heart. How much love burns inside one’s heart.”



Thank you JB


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