Give Yourself the Present

We have also heard from those of you who have been blessed by the new messages.  So, fear not; here is something for you.


Dear God

I thank You that, in You, there are no limits to what I can achieve in my life. With You, all things are possible and I am so grateful.


How many times do we find that we set ourselves up for failure due to our obsession with time? When we consider those things that we want to accomplish in life, one of the first things we think of is how much time it will take. We focus how long it will take to accomplish rather than on what we have within us that will move us forward toward our goal. We focus on how much time we think we don’t have rather than Who and what we have within us that will help us to overcome any obstacle, perceived or real. And, we get so accustomed to instant gratification with our smartphones and wifi and other technological advancements that we get impatient when we think something will take too much time to achieve.


As humans, we have created time as a tool to measure our history and progress, to mark milestones and to guide ourselves through life. Yet, we have also allowed it to become an obstacle in our own consciousness – a barrier to forward movement. In those moments, we get to re-member that, in God, there is no time. There is only this right now moment. What can we do in this right now moment that will get us one step closer to our desired outcome?

Message adapted from

bow to life

Dr. Joseph Cardillo


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