Independent Dependence

Throughout the day allow yourself to be covered by, filled with and surrounded by the presence of good, love and God.  Here is a prayer for you today:


Dear God:

No matter where I am, what I am doing or what is going on, I know, accept, believe and remember that right where I am, the fullness of all You are is present.


There comes a day when you simply cannot endure another, “Come back tomorrow.” Whether you are waiting for an answer, looking for a job, hoping and wishing that the support you need will be made available, as the need or fear or desire grows, “Come back tomorrow” becomes unacceptable.  How many times have you told God, “I’ll come to you tomorrow” Or, “I’ll pray tomorrow” or “I’ll do my spiritual practice tomorrow” . In other words, how often have you made putting off your spiritual needs acceptable in order to advance your human agenda?  The only way to achieve true, lasting success in mind, body and spirit is to believe in and rely on something bigger and more powerful than your human self today.  This is the first step toward becoming independently dependent on God.


As human beings it is commonplace to rely on our own strength until we are confronted with a problem, failure or some sort of weakness.  More often than not, we go to the Creator asking for a blessing on what we have decided to do rather than asking for guidance about what to do.  Humans want to be free and independent until we don’t know what to do, how to do it or wonder if what we are doing will work.  When faced with failure, disappointment or distress we fall into a reluctant state of reliance on an external force.    Today is an opportunity to make another choice.  Choose today to be independently dependent on the inner presence, inner strength, inner authority of God.


     Message Adapted From
Jesus Calling

Sarah Young


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