Practice Balance

finding_balance_news_625x430Throughout the day allow yourself to be covered by, filled with and surrounded by the presence of good, love and God.  Here is a prayer for you today:

Dear God:I know that your Divine Intelligence is now directing me.  I not only invite it into every area of my life, I believe it is now here.  I now move into this day with harmony and in balance.

Balance is essential to a good life.  Good balance results in a healthy body.  It eliminates conflict and confusion.  Balance allows both the mind and spirit to flow smoothly, powerfully and productively.  Giving equally of your time, energy and attention to the variety of tasks, duties and responsibilities can make balance difficult to achieve.  Yet, when you are imbalanced, no matter how hard you try, you may often find yourself feeling or being defeated in the very life activity in which you desire to be victorious.  Without balance, something goes unattended, unaddressed and will more likely than not become unproductive.

The best way to achieve balance is to make an earnest commitment to give every area of your life some part of your attention every day.  Each day has 24 hours and, it is up to you to schedule those hours in a way that honors every part of you in your quest to achieve balance.  Your mind, body, spirit, loved ones and interests need your attention if they are to thrive.  Work, play, nourishment and rest must all be considered.  What things are necessary, unnecessary, productive, unproductive and prudent must be the guidelines used to determine where you put your energy and attention at any given time.  Sure, there will be days when some things seem more important than others.  Absolutely there will be times when some things and people demand more of you than others.   It is wise to make these demands the exception rather than the rule.   Balance requires a commitment, constant monitoring and a conscious plan.  Balance is possible and, the more you live in balance the easier and more desirable your life becomes.


     Message Adapted From
Bow to Life

Dr. Joseph Cardillo


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