Universal energy that is the essence of all that I am, fill me with your Divine Love.

God is the compassion and love I feel for myself and others.

When I am triggered by others show me where I am in need of love so I can show love.

When I am in judgment of another show me where I am in judgment of myself.

Help me to release the judgment and apply love so I may be grateful for those in my life.

When I am angry with someone show me where fear needs releasing.

As I release the fear I experience love, joy, and peace.

Thank you, God, Healer and Comforter for applying love to the places I hurt.

Thank you, Creator, for loving me and making a way for acceptance and gratitude in my life.

Thank you for raising my vibration to love and compassion.

Every area of my life is vibrating at the highest vibration possible for me at this time.

It is a vibration of love, acceptance, gratitude, joy and peace.

I am grateful that the essence of who I am is love. I bring love to all parts of my life.


Amen and Amen!


Minister Anita Holtvogt


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