Woman’s Essence Magazine – May 2012

A new Issue from my dream – Woman’s Essence Magazine… check – read – share with your family and friends – download or print is your choice, as well let me know what you think 🙂 ENJOY

Here is the Editor’s note for May 🙂 I enjoyed

The “Female Power” Edition

Finding inspiration to write this note, I discovered the female character apt enough to draw source. Just like a woman in a professional environment dominated by the male sex, Woman’s Essence magazine, among a plethora of well staffed and funded magazines, with advantages of years and experience has managed to make it since August 2011 to become 10 months old this month of May, 2012. For something that began as a passionate dream of the Publisher, Adryana Nicoleta, with me catching on the bug a month later, I have seen it sustained by such amazing contribution and encouragement from our contributors, editors and largely female fans, who, having the option of other numerous female magazines, still preserve in their heart, a place for Woman’s Essence. The making of preceding Issues, till this one, has afforded me a first seat position of witnessing how the female sex triumph, when faced with a challenging situation. Whether it is the bitter-sweet experience of searching for a baby to call her own, the need to prove ones worth in a male domineering workplace, or the arduous, but victorious, battle of surviving sexual abuse to become an advocate, the female character has proven over time that she has the power to become whatever she wants. She’s proven to be a great influence – sometimes even greater – in “a man’s world”. In my view, if to be named, this month would have been the “Female Power Edition”, to envelop such stories like the Lorra Brown’s interview or getting to know Ellenore Angelidis, a woman with a world view to motherhood. These are only few of the inspiring articles written to make an already powerful female character discover and, or harness her essence, so as to become more powerful. For you, WE have yet another interesting Issue, made possible by all those who believe in the dream. I encourage you to download, read and share. Go on and keep telling people about us. You are what keep WE alive.

WE Always Love You!

Ojay Milah