Independent Dependence

Throughout the day allow yourself to be covered by, filled with and surrounded by the presence of good, love and God.  Here is a prayer for you today:


Dear God:

No matter where I am, what I am doing or what is going on, I know, accept, believe and remember that right where I am, the fullness of all You are is present.


There comes a day when you simply cannot endure another, “Come back tomorrow.” Whether you are waiting for an answer, looking for a job, hoping and wishing that the support you need will be made available, as the need or fear or desire grows, “Come back tomorrow” becomes unacceptable.  How many times have you told God, “I’ll come to you tomorrow” Or, “I’ll pray tomorrow” or “I’ll do my spiritual practice tomorrow” . In other words, how often have you made putting off your spiritual needs acceptable in order to advance your human agenda?  The only way to achieve true, lasting success in mind, body and spirit is to believe in and rely on something bigger and more powerful than your human self today.  This is the first step toward becoming independently dependent on God.


As human beings it is commonplace to rely on our own strength until we are confronted with a problem, failure or some sort of weakness.  More often than not, we go to the Creator asking for a blessing on what we have decided to do rather than asking for guidance about what to do.  Humans want to be free and independent until we don’t know what to do, how to do it or wonder if what we are doing will work.  When faced with failure, disappointment or distress we fall into a reluctant state of reliance on an external force.    Today is an opportunity to make another choice.  Choose today to be independently dependent on the inner presence, inner strength, inner authority of God.


     Message Adapted From
Jesus Calling

Sarah Young


Be Greatful

From The Secret Daily Teachings

It is so important that you are grateful for everything in your life. Many people focus on the one thing they want and then forget to be grateful for all the things they have. Without gratitude you cannot achieve anything through the law of attraction, because if you are not emanating gratitude from your being, then by default you are emanating ungratefulness. Be proactive and use the frequency of your being to receive what you want.

May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne
The Secret… bringing joy to billions

Running away… focus…

Instead of running from what you “don’t want” walk with commitment toward what you desire. Focus on where you are going rather than being obsessed with where you have been. The difference between the two is energy. Iyanla Vanzant

I’ve been doing this for a while now, and yet I have my heart willing to walk with commitment toward what I really desire with so much passion.

I’ve been told this so many times.. focus on what you want , on what you dream of, and fight for it, go for it. Leave pas, leave history to where it belongs, baggage will become to heavy for you to carry along the road. You need strength to walk into the new happenings, into the new chapters of your life. Let past and all that is holding you back, there back in the past. Look with positivity to your future and walk with your head up. You were somewhere yesterday, but today is a new day… you will be going some else new…  Enjoy!



Iyanla Vanzant

Confidence is the Key (Creflo Dollar)

In spite of all your praying, confessing, believing and claiming, are you still failing to see the manifestation of God’s promises of healing, provision and deliverance in your daily life? If the answer is yes, you might be missing a key component to your faith: confidence.

When the Bible uses the word confidence, it means “assurance”or “complete and total persuasion.” It also closely parallels the meaning of “trust.” When you trust something, you have confidence in it. As a Believer, you must trust God and His Word. After all, He is not a liar: “Has He said and shall He not do it? Or has He spoken and shall He not make it good?” (Numbers 23:19, AMP).

Faith comes by meditating on the Word. The more you meditate and practice what you learn, the more confident you will become. When you are full of confidence, you know that God’s Word is going to produce exactly what it says it will. Regardless of the circumstances, a confident person says, “I am fully persuaded that the Word will come to pass.” This was true for Abraham. Romans 4:21 says, “And [Abraham] being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform.” When Abraham became fully persuaded that God would keep His promise to give him a child, Sarah conceived Isaac. Likewise, you will not see the miraculous manifestations of God’s promises in your life until you become fully persuaded.

Another area where many Christians lack confidence is in the ministry of the Holy Spirit. I believe this is largely due to the tremendous amount of confusion in the body of Christ concerning this subject. Many people think that the Holy Spirit is little more than an emotion or a feeling. But those are only outward expressions of His presence. The truth of the matter is the Holy Spirit is a realPerson with whom you must establish a realrelationship. Failure to do so prevents Him from carrying out His mission in your life.

The Holy Spirit is the most valuable asset in the life of a Believer. He is your invisible Partner Who has been sent to be your Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, Counselor, Comforter and Standby. You must acknowledge His presence in your life by placing your trust and confidence in Him. Yet as in any relationship, you cannot build trust unless you spend time together. Therefore, purpose in your heart to spend time with Him in prayer, fellowship with Him in worship, and get to know Him by reading the Word. Ultimately, you will become fully persuaded that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you! As a result, the Holy Spirit will lead and guide you into all truth.

Tobacco kiosk by Fernando Pessoa ( Portuguese poet, 1888-1935 )

I am nothing
I shall always be nothing
I cannot wish to be anything.
Aside from that, I have within me all the dreams of the world.

Windows of my room,
The room of one of the world’s millions nobody knows about
(And if they knew about me, what would they know?)
Open onto the mystery of a street continually crossed by people,
To a street inaccessible to any thought,
Real, impossibly real, certain, unknowingly certain,
With the mystery of things beneath the stones and beings,
With death making the walls damp and men’s hair white,
With the Destiny driving the wagon of everything down the road of nothing.

Today I am defeated, as if I knew the truth.
Today I am clear-minded, as if I were about to die
And had no more kinship with things
Than a goodbye, this building and this side of the street becoming
A long row of train carriages, and a whistle departing
From inside my head,
And a jolt of my nerves and a creak of bones as we go.

Today I am bewildered, as one who wondered and discovered and forgot.
Today I am divided between the loyalty I owe
To the outward reality of the Tobacco Kiosk of the other side of the street
And to the inward real feeling that everything is but a dream.
I have missed everything.
And since I had no aims, maybe everything was indeed nothing.

What I was taught,
I go down from the window at the back of the house.
I went to the countryside with grand plans,
But all I found in it was grass and trees,
And when there were people, they were just like other people
I step back from the window and sit in a chair. What should I think about now?

I have dreamed more than Napoleon did.
I have held against the hypothetical heart more humanities than Christ.
I have secretly created philosophies no Kant has ever written.
But I am, and perhaps always should be, the one from the attic
Although I don’t live in it;
I shall always be someone not born for this;
I shall always be the one who just had qualities;
I shall always be the one who has waited for a gate to open next a wall without a door
And sang the song of the infinite in a poultry-yard,
And heard God’s voice in a blocked-up well.
Believe in myself? No, not in me and not in nothing.
May Nature be dissolved on my feverish head
Her sun, her rain, the wind that ruffles my hair,
And the rest, let it come if it must, it doesn’t matter.
Hearts in thrall to the stars,
We have conquered the whole world before leaving our beds.
But we were awakened and it was opaque,
We rose and he was strange to us
We left the house and it was the whole world,
And also the Solar System, the Milky Way and the Indefinite…

Eat chocolates!
Know there are no metaphysics in the world but chocolates.
Know that all the faiths don’t teach more than confectionery.
Eat, dirty one, eat!
If only I could eat chocolates with the same veracity you do!
But I think, and when I lift the silver paper of a leaf of tin-foil
I let everything fall to the ground, as I have done to my life.)

Musical essence of my useless verses,
If only I could face you as something I had created
Instead of always facing the Tobacco Kiosk across the street,
Forcing underfoot the consciousness of existing,
Like a carpet a drunkard stumbles on
Or a straw mat stolen by gypsies and worth nothing.

But the Tobacco Kiosk owner has come to the door and is standing there.
I look at him with the discomfort of an half-turned head
And the discomfort of an half-grasping soul.
He shall die and I shall die.
He shall leave his signboard and I shall leave my poems.
His sign will die, and so will my poems.
And soon the street where the sign is, will die too,
And so will the language in which my poems are written.
And so will the whirling planet where all of this happened.
On other satellites of other systems something like people
Will go on making something like poems and living under things like signboards,
Always one thing facing the other,
Always one thing as useless as the other,
Always the impossible as stupid as reality,
Always the mystery of the bottom as powerful as the mysterious dream of the top.
Always this or always some other thing, or neither one nor the other.

But a man has entered the Tobacco Shop (to buy tobacco?),
And plausible reality suddenly hits me.
I half rouse myself, energetic, convinced, human,
And I will try to write these verses in which I say the opposite.

I light a cigarette as I think about writing them,
And in that cigarette I savour liberation from all thoughts.
I follow the smoke as if it were my personal itinerary
And enjoy, in a sensitive and capable moment
The liberation of all the speculations
With the conscience that metaphysics is a consequence of not feeling well.

Afterwards I throw myself on the chair
And continue smoking.
As long as Destiny allows, I will keep smoking.

(If I married my washwoman’s daughter
Maybe I should be happy.)
Upon that, I rise. And I go to the window.

The man has come out of the Tobacco Kiosk (putting change in his trousers?).
Ah, I know him: he is Esteves without metaphysics.
(The Tobacco Kiosk owner has come to the door.)
As if by a divine instinct, Esteves turned around and saw me.
He waved hello, I greet him “Hello there, Esteves!”, and the universe
Reconstructed itself for me, without ideal or hope, and the owner of the Tobacco Kiosk smiled.

Facing Life’s Storms (Creflo Dollar)

Have you ever been so consumed with your problems and personal concerns that it seemed there was no immediate relief in sight?

For example, Sandra is a faithful member of her local church who has a loving relationship with her family and friends and is successful in almost everything she does. Recently, however, things have taken a negative turn financially, and because the pressures of the challenge seem so great, the usually positive and proactive Sandra is struggling with bouts of depression and stress. She has tried to involve friends to help her resolve her issues, only to find that few have the time or desire to listen to her problems.

While it may be hard to believe that a person can go from being a ‘got it all together Christian’ to feeling down in the dumps, it does happen. All of us have experienced this at some point in our walk with God; but instead of worrying or tracking down someone to join what could easily become a “pity party,” use the Source you know will never fail—God.

Everyone should understand the value of being prepared mentally and spiritually for attacks on our lives because they will come. In John 16:33, Jesus said, “…In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” God has equipped you to handle the storms of life by trusting in Jesus.
Similar to Job in the Bible, there are times when challenges hit us on all sides and we don’t always feel like responding with the Word of God; but rest assured that God’s Word is the solution to any problem. When you allow your responses and decisions to be founded on God’s Word, you open the door for God to come in and turn your situation around.

Job was a man who faced some terrible situations. His children were killed, his livestock were destroyed and he was struck with painful boils on his entire body. Job had lost everything and I’m sure he was tempted to completely give up and turn his back on God. Even his wife told him to just curse God and die because he was in such a pitiful state. But Job didn’t do that. While he did go through a time of complaining and questioning, he never gave up on God. As a result, God restored everything he lost.

When the storms of life hit you, what will you do? Will you become overwhelmed and lose heart in the midst of worrying, obsessing and attempting to fix every problem yourself? Or will you pass the trust test and employ His help by calling on Him first? There is no challenge too great for Him to handle. He can cause all things to work out for your good when you pray and seek Him. What you find difficult to do, God can perform sweatlessly.
In the midst of trusting God, know that He may not use your preferred method to solve your issues. God has numerous ways to get things done and He will change situations in order to fulfill His purposes and promises.

You must be willing to get out of God’s way in order for Him to work. That means refraining from worrying, complaining and trying to fix things in your own natural ability. When you worry, you hinder God’s promises from being able to work in your life. Instead, meditate on the Scriptures, seek understanding and believe in what the Word will do for you. Everything you need to survive the storms of life is in your Bible; so put it to use during the times you need it most.

Don’t forget that God is a prayer away. No, there is no quick fix for every obstacle you will face in life, but if you are a Believer, you have the very thing that will bring peace in times of trouble (John 14:27). Pray to God and He will answer. He promised to never leave or abandon you.

Develop a closer relationship with God by finding out more about Him and His promises.


Woman’s Essence Magazine – May 2012

A new Issue from my dream – Woman’s Essence Magazine… check – read – share with your family and friends – download or print is your choice, as well let me know what you think 🙂 ENJOY

Here is the Editor’s note for May 🙂 I enjoyed

The “Female Power” Edition

Finding inspiration to write this note, I discovered the female character apt enough to draw source. Just like a woman in a professional environment dominated by the male sex, Woman’s Essence magazine, among a plethora of well staffed and funded magazines, with advantages of years and experience has managed to make it since August 2011 to become 10 months old this month of May, 2012. For something that began as a passionate dream of the Publisher, Adryana Nicoleta, with me catching on the bug a month later, I have seen it sustained by such amazing contribution and encouragement from our contributors, editors and largely female fans, who, having the option of other numerous female magazines, still preserve in their heart, a place for Woman’s Essence. The making of preceding Issues, till this one, has afforded me a first seat position of witnessing how the female sex triumph, when faced with a challenging situation. Whether it is the bitter-sweet experience of searching for a baby to call her own, the need to prove ones worth in a male domineering workplace, or the arduous, but victorious, battle of surviving sexual abuse to become an advocate, the female character has proven over time that she has the power to become whatever she wants. She’s proven to be a great influence – sometimes even greater – in “a man’s world”. In my view, if to be named, this month would have been the “Female Power Edition”, to envelop such stories like the Lorra Brown’s interview or getting to know Ellenore Angelidis, a woman with a world view to motherhood. These are only few of the inspiring articles written to make an already powerful female character discover and, or harness her essence, so as to become more powerful. For you, WE have yet another interesting Issue, made possible by all those who believe in the dream. I encourage you to download, read and share. Go on and keep telling people about us. You are what keep WE alive.

WE Always Love You!

Ojay Milah